Coalition of the Willing

Coalition Of The Willing from coalitionfilm on Vimeo.

‘Coalition of the Willing’ is an animated short film about an open source approach to climate change. Directed and produced by British film maker Simon Robson, Coalition was made by an international network of artists totaling 77 people. Coalition explores how we can use the internet to leverage activists, experts, and ordinary people in collaborative projects to fight climate change. Mixing swarm activity with social revolution, it makes the case for a new generation of online activism to tackle the challenges of our time.

‘Coalition of the Willing’ won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2010 Hampton International Film Festival. It won Best Short Film at the 2012 San Francisco Green Film Festival, and the Waverley Award for Best Environmental Short at 2011 FlickerFest Sydney.

Watch Simon and Tim pitch the Coalition of the Willing project at the F5 Festival in NYC.

Director / Producer:

Simon Robson is an award-winning animation director and producer. His work has been shown at festivals around the world including Edinburgh, Toronto, Raindance and the Brooklyn International Film Festival.

Full list of collaborators:

Knife Party
Adam Gault & Stefanie Augustine
Bran Dougherty-Johnson
Cassiano Prado
Mario Sader & Ralph Pinel
Dave Baum
Dom Del Torto
Dylan White & Andy Hague
Foreign Office
Andreas Gebhardt
James Wignall
Sehsucht & Mate Steinforth, Mighty Nice
Parasol Island
Thiago Maia
World Leaders
Yum Yum London


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